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94.98 acres close to Pelham -- Available
flat to gently rolling wooded land that with good access to county paved road. Great for private homesite, hunting or other recreational uses.

62.88 acres adjacent to Pinecrest Country Club -- Available
Great wooded property that would make a great private homesite.

Great Recreational/Timber tract -- Available
+/- 197 acres in Union County. This tract has been managed extensively for generations as a timber investment tract and is located on a county maintained graded road. It is a mixture of young planted pine and hardwood wetland in an area with lots of game and would make a great recreational/home site tract.

24.556 acres with paved road frontage -- Sold
Located west of Waycross, Georgia, this property has about 20 acres in planted pines that were planted in 1997. The balance of the acreage is in natural hardwoods.

480 acres on Roundabout Swamp -- Sold
If you like privacy and a place to hunt, you should look at this parcel. Located west of Pearson, Georgia, this property is situated at along the southern part of Roundabout Swamp. It has enough wetlands to accomodate water fowl hunting. Necessary cover and food provides ample areas for hunting deer, turkey and quail.

31.237 acres with thinned merchantable planted pines -- Sold
Ideal property for someone wanting a small tract to hunt on. Located just outside Ideal, Georgia, this property has good access and lots of privacy.

76 acres on paved road -- Sold
Located between Preston and Plains, Georgia on U. S. Highway 280, this property has thinned merchantable planted pines and some premerchantable planted pines. It also has county graded frontage on its southern boundary. This tract has some relief and could be used for a homesite in the country or it would make an ideal property for hunting.

67.17 acres on paved road -- Sold
Located southwest of Waycross, Georgia on Swamp Road, this property is just north of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. It would be ideal to plant in pine trees and use for hunting.

386.35 acre pecan orchard -- Sold
located on gently rolling land, this pecan orchard is a beautiful setting for homes or continued use as pecan orchard. It has paved road frontage and the owner will subdivide with a price adjustments.

Tract No. 229 - Macon County, Georgia (PRICE REDUCED) -- Sold
Approximately 88 acres is in natural hardwoods along Whitewater Creek and a drain that flow into the creek. The balance of the land is in merchantable thinned planted pines. The property is gently rolling and is ideal for hunting or could be used for a homesite. It is located on a county graded road a short distance off of a county paved road.

658 (+/-) acres located on the Flint River south of Albany, Georgia. This property has some mature pecan orchards, natural woods, planted pines and some open areas. Great for anyone that enjoys hunting!

581.40 ACRES IN MITCHELL COUNTY -- Available
493.70 acres lies about 4 miles west of Pelham, Georgia and is situated at the northwest corner of the intersection of Highway 65 and Forty Niner Road, a paved county road. About 88 acres is in cultivation, approximately 101 acres is thinned merchantable planted pines, about 62 acres of natural timber and about 245 acres is in planted pines that are about 3 years old. 87.70 acres is located on Orr Road, a paved county road and is in thinned merchantable planted pines.

Tract No. 44 - Taylor County - 439 (+/-) Acres -- Sold
Gently rolling land with lots of paved road and graded road frontage. This property is ideal for hunting or would make a good home site. You will note on the timber type map that this property has a good amount of merchantable planted pines

Tract No. 898 - 420 (+/-) Acres (PRICE REDUCED) -- Available
Great rolling land in planted pines of various ages. Property has frontage on Horse Creek and lots of road frontage. Great location for someone looking for a place to hunt or a place to build a home.

Tract No. 478 - 200 (+/-) Acres (PRICED REDUCED) -- Sold
Rolling land located on Cedar Creek. Property has county graded road frontage and about 150 acres is planted in pines with 48 acres being 14 years old and 102 acres that are 12 years old. Balance of the acreage is in mature hardwoods and natural pine along the creek. A large farm is located across the road from this tract making this an ideal location for deer and turkey hunting.

3,298 (+/-) acres - Oglethorpe County - -- Sold
Very nice rolling land located convenient to Atlanta, Athens and Madison, Georgia. This parcel has a good mix of merchantable planted pines, premerchantable planted pines, natural pines and hardwoods. This is a great location for someone looking for a timber investment and a place to hunt.

Tract No. 294 - Macon County - 120 (+/-) Acres (PRICE REDUCED) -- Sold
Very nice property with paved road frontage located just south of Montezuma, Georgia. This tract is in merchantable planted pines and natural pines. It also has a small amount of hardwoods. Great location for home site. Land could be converted to pasture or cultivation.

903 acre farm! -- Sold
This farm is located just west of Interstate 75 at Arabi, Georgia. Improvements include three homes and center pivot irrigation. Some of the property is planted in sod. The balance of the farm is in cultivation, pasture, hay fields, woods and planted pines. Also includes several ponds for fishing.

Tract No. 42 - Sumter County, Georgia (PRICE REDUCED) -- Sold
Located north of Plains, Georgia, this gently rolling land is located on a paved road. Approximately 687 acres on the north side of the road was replanted in loblolly pines in 2008. The balance of the acreage is on the south side of the road has been cut over. The cut over portion of this property could be replanted in pines or could be converted to pasture or cultivation.

Tract No. 272 - Dooly County, Georgia (PRICE REDUCED) -- Sold
This gently rolling land is in 1988 planted pines that have been thinned. Located on a paved road and a county graded road, this tract also has several areas of beautiful hardwoods. Great location for hunting!

Tract No. 515 - Macon County, Georgia (PRICE REDUCED) -- Available
Gently rolling land with thinned merchantable and thinned premerchantable planted pines. Also includes some hardwood areas. This tract could be used for hunting, timber investment or could be converted to pasture or cultivation.

Tract No. 416 - Macon County, Georgia (PRICE REDUCED) -- Sold
This gently rolling tract of land is located just west of Ideal, Georgia. About 100 acres lies on the north side of the road and the balance of the land lies on the south side of the road. It has a good mix of planted pines and hardwoods making this an ideal tract for hunting.

Tract No. 546 - Macon County, Georgia - CREEK FRONTAGE (PRICE REDUCED) -- Sold
This property is located a short distance northwest of Ideal, Georgia. It is gently rolling land with a good mix of merchantable planted pines and hardwoods. This tract fronts on Cedar Creek making it a great location for hunting or a homesite.

Tract No. 147 - Peach County, Georgia (PRICE REDUCED) -- Available
Gently rolling clear cut land located a short distance southwest of Fort Valley, Georgia. This a great small hunting tract or could be used for a homesite.

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